Mystical Peru and spiritual Mastery.

Thokozani Bogogo. Greetings dear ones.

I have just returned from a visit to Peru & Bolivia where I underwent my 3rd level, or Alto Misayog initiation into the Order of Inkari – an Andean mystic school. It has been a truly mystical and magical journey into some of the most sacred and mystical sites of Peru.

I learned the 5 most important qualities of a spiritual Master: Humility, discipline, knowledge, Action (work) and wisdom. Humility is to know what you are. It is not to put yourself or others down but to recognise your gifts and those of others. Discipline is to manage yourself and your energy in a good way and to increase your knowledge and understanding. Knowledge is to learn as much as you can so that you can help others and grow your power. Action is to put in use what you have learned for the higher good of all. Wisdom is to know when to help others and when not, and to do it with compassion and love.

I want to thank my master Regis Llerena, our guides and hosts: Kutcho, Apu Runa (Raoul Lezama), Simon Myburgh, Juan & Luis Quispe, the team at Casa de la Gringa and all the ancestors and Apu’s for this magical time. I am hoping to share some of this healing work and ceremonies with you in the near future. Details will be posted.

Some of the magical sacred sites we visited: Machu PichuLake Titicaca Bolivia: Islands of the Sun & Moon. Amara Muru the inter-dimentional door of wisdom near Juliaca, Peru. Fertility temple near Puno, Peru. Sacsayhuaman near Cuzco, Peru. Ollantaytambo, Peru. Killarumiyoc. Urubamaba & Pisac. Cuzco – San Pedro market, a great place to shop and eat and have fun !

Ollantaytambo Machu Pichu

Uros Isaland Puno  Fertility Temple

Cusco Shop  Amaru Muru Doorway

copacabana bolivia lake titicaca  Inca Stone Island of the Sun

Quispe Brothers  Condor

San Pedro  San Pedro Market Cusco

Moon Island Titicaca         Killarumiyoc

mesa medicine bundles regis

Allyu Alto Misayog's

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