Earthmedicine services and prices 2020

Consultation, ceremony, and tuition fees July – December 2020

Bookings Essential. Please pay before the start of the session. Cancellation in less than 24 hrs. must be paid for and can be carried over to the next appointment.

Bone Oracle reading (Bhula)

v  The Bhula is an African oracle that investigates ancestral issues as origin for our challenges and situation. It identifies origin and prescribes relevant ceremony  / treatments for correcting the issues.

60 mins



90 Mins

R 650



R 800

Lenormand Card reading

v  The Lenormand is not Tarot or divination, it presents a narrative on our questions and situation for deeper understanding and possible action.

60 mins R 450

Additional fee of R 50 for online readings to cover internet cost.

Additional travel fee of R 250 for home-based readings.

African herbal cleansing treatment.

“Steaming” with herbs for physical and spiritual cleansing

90 mins R 850
Aura & Energy field clearing and entity release. (Femba) 40 mins R 1500
Energy field / Aura clearing with incenses / smudges. Balance and restores energy in the mind-body. 30 mins R 550
Home cleansing and protection. (Betela)

Note: occupants must undergo a steaming before cleansing of the home.

4 hours R 2500
Ancestral Ceremonies – on request as indicated by readings / Bhula.
Woman’s sweat lodge and sacred circles.

Join our mailing & What’s app list for when ceremonies take place. The ceremonies are co-created by all.

Full day R 150 donation.
Rites of passage:

Baby naming ceremony

Adult naming ceremony

Commitment ceremonies


Per ceremony R 1800
Personal custom ceremonies created for you. (Based in African, Native American, Peruvian and South American Shamanism.)
Prayer request ceremonies:

Pipe ceremony

Despacho ceremony

1 hour. Per donation
CLASSES / Tuition
Holistic Food Garden class.

Learn the basics of growing your own organic food.

6.5 hours R 650

Min 6 people

Holistic Herb garden Class.

Growing Culinary, medicinal, and indigenous herbs.

6.5 hours R 650

Min 6 people

African Herbal Class.

Uses of some indigenous medicinal plants. The class is informative only and does not train you to treat others.

6.5 hours R 850

Min 6 people

Divination & Oracle class.

Private or groups of 4. Developing your intuition and sensitivity to symbolic messages from other realms.

For those who are psychically inclined.

4 hours R 1250 per class

Contacts: Soozi: 0727 333 888.

More Info / Descriptions :

Oracles read our current life situations and the choices we can make to address them; it is not fortune telling. Divination is to listen to the voice of divine guidance, by means of using a tool to access the realms of spiritual vibrations and frequencies.

  • Bhula: Sangomas use the Bone or Shell oracle to channel messages from the ancestors around the specific issue in a person or family’s life. It often speaks to ancestral patterns as causes for our difficulties. The bones will also indicate a treatment or ceremony to balance out and remedy the situation.


  • Mystical Lenormand Reading: These are some of the most ancient cards used in the history of oracles and was made famous by Madame Marie Lenormand, a famous psychic from France. She consulted for Josephine and Napoleon. The cards present a narrative answer to a specific question.


Treatments work on vibrations and frequency and gives us an opening or opportunity to take action to change our situation. It is not magical remedies that make problems go away. It influences our vibration so that we have higher support to make changes in our lives.


Ceremonies are about our mystical connection to the Divine, nature and each other. It brings us back into right relationship with all that is and is an opportunity for gratitude and celebration of life.


The readings, consultations, treatments, ceremonies and tuition are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any underlying serious mental, emotional, spiritual or physical conditions. It is complementary, and it is always advised that you seek allopathic medical and or other  consultations and treatments from accredited persons or institutions, in support of your situation. No guarantees are given and the person seeking guidance do so at their own discretion and responsibility. All rights reserved.


Soozi or Gogo Stef as she is known, started on a path of spiritual training and initiation in the late 90’s. She firstly completed many metaphysical trainings to work with her own healing journey, such as Louise Hay’s heal your body, Reiki & Hands on energy healing, Inner Child work, Harlequin (also known as the “I am trainings”) & Aromatherapy massage . She graduated from the Rosebank Bible College in 1989,  after completing an honors degree in Social work from 1985 – 1988.

She continued pursuing mystical spiritual & shamanic  paths in African, Native American, Peruvian and South American Shamanism. Her first initiation was in 2006 as a Sangoma or African medium, working with the Ancestral spiritual tradition in the Thokoza Mpande or lineage under Gogo Nomzimane. In 2015 she completed her Andean priest (Alto Misayog) initiations in Peru as part of the Inkari school of the Sacred Andean Tradition.

From 2006  – 2016 she completed various apprenticeships as a Vision Dancer, Moon Mother, Firekeeper, Pipe Carrier, Sweat Lodge pourer, Dance Chief and Quest facilitator in the Red Road Teachings of  the Picuris Pueblo Medicine Man & Mystic, Joseph Rael Beautiful Painted Arrow & The sweet Medicine Sundance Path. She had various teachers in these lineages such as Jean White Eagle, Mother Moon (Sammye Jo Harvey) and Fritz Duminy Fire Eagle.

Since 2017 she has been working fulltime as a medicine woman, program manager and permaculturalist, and spent 4 years at Eagle Valley Farm (previously Rustler’s) working on community projects with The Earthrise Trust & Angamma Trust. She currently resides in Johannesburg to further work in the Food Garden Movement with Seven Generations Africa, an Angamma Trust initiative.


In Collaboration with Seven Generations Africa. Community, School & Corporate food gardens and permaculture projects.

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