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Soozi_valley_The title of my Blog says “Africa Mystic”. What is a Mystic, or the difference between a Mystic and Shaman or Healer, Diviner, Channel, Priest?

Very simply put, Mystic implies and inward journey of seeking union with God and a spiritual experience, and the walk of a Spiritual path purely for understanding of the mystery of Spirit. A seeker for Spiritual truth in aid of personal development and growth. It does not necessarily imply outward action or work – other than practices facilitating unity with God or spirit and to understand that union and through that our own spiritual nature.

Shaman implies someone who has been trained in “Shamanic techniques” or techniques of healing, divination and communion with the spirit world, and actions of travelling or visiting that world to facilitate healing and manifestation through the use of your “medicine” or energy – your knowledge, skills, tools and gifts. A Shaman can be both a Shaman and a Mystic, but a Mystic is not necessarily a Shaman, although they may hold Shamanic knowledge.

I have followed a long Spiritual walk, apprentice-ships and initiations into many indigenous and mystic traditions, including African Shamanism (Sangoma), The Sacred Andean Tradition (Alto Mesayoq), The Red Road (Native North & South American paths) and plant teachers. Ceremony for me is a way of life and unity with Spirit. My Name in the Andean (Peru) Tradition is “Allpa Kallpa Quoy” – directly translated as Earth Power Woman. In Spanish it is “La fuerza del Tierra”, I first heard the term “Earth Medicine” in a video trailer made of Baba Credo Mutwa in 1996 – High Sanusi or African Shaman – when he said “The most powerful medicine is in the earth, if you know how to get to it”, and my search started then to find this “Earth Medicine”. In all the traditions Im an apprentice in – I came across a similar concept – In the Native North American Tradition they also speak of Earth-medicine, and in the Andean tradition of Pachamama or Allpamama. The element of earth is present with us everywhere. The Earth has become my Mesa – my sacred altar – and her power and energy supports all ceremony and healing.

On this blog I aim to share some of my experiences and knowledge from my training and initiations, as well as some of my journeys in understanding Spirit in my own way, and I hope that some of this may be a blessing or guide for other truth seekers like me.

saint george's church At Lalibela, Ethiopia’s rock churches.

NM 2012 154 Peublo Kiva New Mexico.

mtuntu_muti  Sangoma. Initiated in the Lineage of Thokoza in 2006 with the ancestors of Ndau & Nguni. I received my Mpande (Teacher Level) in 2009. I work with the sifutu or African Sweat Hut, and various ceremonies such as Femba, cleansing & protection. I also read  (or channel) the bone oracle.

 mesa Alto Mesayog : Initiated Priest into the Sacred Andean spiritual tradition of the Inka. (www.inkari.co.za). I work with the ceremony of the Despacho and Peruvian healing techniques.


Africa 4-11 144  I also work with the ceremonial forms from the North American people through the Sweat Lodge, the Sacred Pipe and the Sacred Medicine (vision) Dances. The ceremonies I do is not Traditional Native American ceremonies. The ceremonies are based on the form and the teachings I received from various  Teachers from different medicine paths. I was trained to serve as a dance chief in 2007 by Jeanne White Eagle who also presented me with my Pipe. I have served the dances since 2006 as a dancer, Fire-keeper, Moon Mother, Alpha dog & dog soldier & Kitchen Angel. I have also trained  in knowledge of the medicine wheel & sacred fire-keeping.

Gratitude’s: I give thanks to Spirit and the ones who guided me to find these paths. In specific to Gogo Nomsemani (Gladys Dhlamini), my Sangoma teacher and Regis Llarena, my teacher on the Andean Spiritual path. I thank Wind Eagle Kinney Linton for the work of Ehama, and Sammye-Jo Harvey (Mother Moon) and the teachers of the “For the one dance” – Jeanne White Eagle & John Pehrson and the “Fire Dance” Robbie Warren-Hill: Otter Woman Standing. I also than “Lone Eagle” Tim Sikyea , my first guide on this path. A big gratitude to Fritz & Elba at Simunye Ngothando in Midrand, South Africa for their medicine space where I received teachings and were able to attend many medicine events. I also thank my brothers and sisters on these paths that trained and initiated with me, shared wisdom and held me when the journey was hard.

Thokoza, Aho, Munay.  Please contact me if you need more information.


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