I offer workshops on African Shamanism, Indigenous plant medicines, teachings, initiations , readings and treatments. Workshop Information available on request. At this stage workshops are only presented in Johannesburg and Freestate, or where I am invited!. Online course in progress.

Book & resource List on the African Traditions.

Medicinal Plant info booklets for down-loading:

  1. Medicinal Plants of South Africa:
  2. Food & Medicinal Gardens – medicinal plants booklet:


  • All medicinal plant books by Ben Erik van Wyk: Briza Publications
  • People’s Plants – Ben Erik van Wyk
  • Medicinal Plants of Southern Africa – Ben Erik van Wyk
  • Muthi and Myth of the African Bush – Heather Dugmore
  • Books by Margaret & Sandy Roberts: Healing with Indigenous plants, & Herbalism: Briza Publications
  • Field guides
  • Zulu Shaman (Song of the Stars) – Credo Mutwa
  • Africa in my Bones – David Cumes
  • Called to Heal – Susan Schuster Campbell
  • Sangoma – James Hall
  • A Sangoma’s story (Elliot Ndlovu) – Melanie Reeder
  • African Spirits Speak: A white woman’s journey into the healing tradition of the Sangoma: – Nicky Arden
  • Throwing the Bones – Catherine Yronwode


Myth and Meaning – San-Bushman Folklore in Global Context D. Lewis-Williams

  • Way of the Bushman: Spiritual Teachings and Practices of the Kalahari. Bradford Keeney Ph.D.
  • Kalahari Bushmen Healers (Profiles in Healing series) – by Bradford Keeney PhD
  • The Griqua’s Apprentice – Antoinette Pienaar


  • Other African Traditions
    • Of Water and the Spirit – Ritual, Magic and Initiation in the Life of an African Shaman. Malidoma Patrice Some
    • Vodou Shaman – Ross Heaven
    • Santeria the Beliefs and rituals – Miguel De la Torre
    • The Handbook of Yoruba religions – Baba Ifa Karade
    • West African Religion – A Study of the Beliefs and Practices of Akan, Ewe, Yoruba, Ibo, and Kindred Peoples Geoffrey Parrinder; Foreword by Edwin Smith
    • Sacred Symbols of the Dogon – The Key to Advanced Science in the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs – Laird Scranton, John Anthony West
    • The Rastafari Ible. Jahson Atiba Alemu
    • DVD Ancestral Voices – Esoteric African Knowledge


3) The language of Symbolism: (By Verona Spence     Date 24/08/2015)

People often ask for information with regards to connecting with ancestors or developing spiritually. The truth is there is no right or wrong answer as such, however what I would say is that books, information, courses and advice etc only take you so far, as this type of knowledge is not meant to be learnt, but experienced.

It is through our direct experiences that we gain insight into who we are and our full potential. Our perceptions of our experiences can lead to the greatest messages. Take spirit communication via animal symbolism for example, we see multiple creatures everyday how do you know which ones are really messages? Well that’s the thing YOU do know. Your instinct will advise you in that moment. Whatever you see will stand out to you and a thought in your mind will confirm there is more to the cat that keeps walking across your path, or the butterfly that landed on your shoulder or the bee that wouldn’t leave you alone. You may at first think you are crazy but it is only when we pay attention deeply to these experiences that we access a whole new dimension of reality, a reality that has always been in existence, but previously unnoticed due to a different level of awareness. This new reality puts you at the centre of your own storyline; every moment becomes an opportunity to connect with deeper levels of yourself.

Teachers will appear but you must be ready to develop yourself. Your experiences will literally become guides to help you along your path. You may find yourself drawn to certain things or notice that you keep seeing the same thing frequently. The messages now come in various forms including animals, numbers, shooting stars and dreams to items left in the street. There is no end to the various forms of communication.This kind of living enables self-empowerment not dependence as you naturally turn to your own inner source for guidance. You will soon find yourself finding solutions for your problems and possessing knowledge that you thought would be unattainable. The key is awareness and learning to believe in your own ability to decode and understand the language of symbolism.



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